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Timeless, Nowa pays homage to clean lines without artifice. A symbol of natural beauty, Cera Nowa has redefined the art of ecological cleaning. An elegant bottle translated by a return to the sources, to the raw material, all in strength and purity.

Systemic thinking related to overconsumption of plastic raises concrete actions to reduce its impact. A natural collaboration is created with the AJ+Métisage house. Freed artisans, these are the designers who signed the design of Cera Nowa. Their passion for the material charmed us.

Our Cera bottle enhances the design of your kitchen. The Art of cleaning takes on its full meaning with this unique reusable work.

Recommendations | Take the time necessary to let the Nowa bar completely dilute in lukewarm water before screwing in the spray bottle (between 5 and 10 minutes). Otherwise, the pressure of the concentrate could cause the product to come out through the neck.