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Terra nowa | Mimosa

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Timeless, the Nowa brand pays homage to clean lines without artifice. A symbol that gives it natural beauty. Terra Nowa is distinguished by its classic design, an essential iconic signature.

Reflected as a whole by the Purehome company, the legendary collector's item marked by its unique Venetian motifs respects its noble and prestigious origins.

Complementing the elegance of the brand, Terra Nowa is a natural addition to the Nowa collection.

Useful collector's item in every room of the house. Opt for the presentation of your Nowa bar products or ° in the entrance as a pocket tray, in the bedroom for your jewelry, in the bathroom for your body products, in the kitchen for dishwashing products... Let yourself be charmed by its simplicity and clean lines which will highlight your favorite items.

Recommendations | Made from raw natural materials, it is best to keep it in a dry place. If you prefer to use your Terra tray near a vanity where it could sometimes get wet, take care to cover it with an oil, such as coconut oil once or twice a year or as needed depending on your use. This will allow it to last longer. Please note that upon purchase, protection has already been applied.