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Little puffies | Caramel with orange liqueur, clementine marshmallow

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What is a P'tit Gonflé?

It's a collection of original chocolate marshmallows whose creation is inspired by seasonal products and a touch of madness from the chocolatier. With maple, brandy, sea buckthorn, strawberries, raspberries... The flavors are ephemeral and change throughout the year. Each P'tit Gonflé only lasts a limited time. So you have to take advantage of it quickly!

Price for 2 P'tits inflates.

Gluten-free P'tits Gonflés!

Our P'tits Gonflés are gluten-free.
However, we cannot guarantee the absence of traces.

Other information

Shelf life: 4 months
Weight: 35 g each
Packaging: Transparent plastic box