Créer une ambiance SPA à la maison en 5 étapes

Create a SPA atmosphere at home in 5 steps

Feb 28, 2021Service Client
SPA atmosphere at home | Our 5 essentials from our local artisans | Local space

Staying at home makes us want to redecorate and improve our living space. Here are our 5 essentials for creating a SPA atmosphere with local products made by Quebec artisans. #localpurchase #Quebecbusiness


Get in the mood with a crackling eucalyptus and mint candle from Flambette. The wood wick will make you feel like you're next to the fireplace while the scent of eucalyptus will transport you straight to your favorite spa. Plus, let's face it, nothing beats the captivating smell of a man fresh out of the shower. Just as masculine as you want, this fragrance will easily replace your ex's t-shirt rolled up into a ball under the pillow. Oh but that stays between us.

Crackling Candle | Eucalyptus and mint, Flambette - $24


A nice hot bath is the ultimate moment of relaxation. For a unique spa experience at home, sprinkle La Vie bath milk or add Elucx Detox bath salt to the water and enjoy the enveloping scent of eucalyptus essential oil. Dim the lights and relax.

Day or evening, this relaxing break will refresh your body and mind.

Bath milk | Eucalyptus, Apothecary Life Workshop - $24

Bath salts | Detox, Elucx - $28


Enjoy aromatherapy and relax with the scent of eucalyptus. Hang your treated bouquet in the shower to relax and enjoy anti-stress medical benefits. Change your bouquet after 1 month or when it begins to dry out or mold.

To intensify your experience, we suggest you complete it with the shower gel from the company GROOM with the fresh and invigorating aromas of cedar, lime and eucalyptus. Its moisturizing complex based on jojoba and aloe extracts reinforces the skin's natural hydration, leaving it soft and healthy as soon as you step out of the shower.

Bouquet | Treated eucalyptus, Local space - $15

Moisturizing shower gel | Cedar, lime and eucalyptus, GROOM - $26


It's nap time, the children are listening to a film or they are lying in bed, take the opportunity to relax and reduce your stress with the eye rest from the company Amma Thérapie. Ideal for the savasana yoga posture, it helps you relax and stay focused on your breathing. Its sweet lavender scent increases its calming and soothing effect. Although it is generally used at room temperature, the eye rest can also be used hot (prevents dry eyes, clears sinuses) or cold (relieves migraines and puffy eyes).

Eye rest | Gray hemp, Amma Therapy - $20


End the day by spraying your bed with Nordic Spa linen water from Atelier La vie. The well-kept secret of a house where it always smells fresh. Perfect for refreshing clothes, sheets and towels and letting yourself be enveloped in the soothing scent of eucalyptus.

Linen water | Nordic eucalyptus spa, Apothecary life workshop - $21

To discover other local products, visit

Enjoy your relaxation!

The Local Space Team

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