Espace Local is a creator of inspiring souvenirs that offers a selection of products designed by local artisans. We offer unique products inspired by the Quebec art of living that allow our ambassadors to extend the experience of moments that are important to them, whether gourmet, linked to childhood, fun or focused on well-being. be.

We believe that the souvenirs we offer are both beautiful and unique, offering the opportunity to leave with a piece of Quebec culture and history.


. Promote local talent and create lasting links between our ambassadors and Quebec culture.


. Provide an exceptional shopping experience by offering high-quality local products.

. Discover the creative talents of Quebec artisans and create memories that have real meaning.

Thank you > For promoting our local products!

THE FOUNDER > Virginie Hamel

Virginie Hamel | Founder Local space

Thanks to studies in business management (DEC) and communications/marketing (BAC), as well as 15 years of practical experience in the field of management, leisure and culture, Virginie has today become a young accomplished entrepreneur. Throughout her professional career, she has demonstrated strong skills in administration, sales, marketing and production by supporting, on two occasions, companies in their restructuring processes. The key to his success lies in his ability to develop simple but effective action plans. It applies a global approach that guarantees fluid and optimal functioning between all spheres of an organization. Her organizational skills combined with her great versatility have allowed her to produce more than 400 events per year while ensuring the dual professional role of director of a cultural enterprise and director of business development and private partnership for La Boîte à tools artists . Thirsty for new projects, she participates as vice-president of the Montreal-East Christmas Village in this brand new unique project presenting more than 140 artisans both inside and outside with programming for the whole family .