Become an Artisan at Espace local

Why Become an Artisan at Espace Local?

  • Visibility and Exposure: As an artisan at Espace local, your work will be presented to a wider audience through our online platform. Gain increased visibility and exposure to customers looking for authentic and unique products.

  • Support and Support: We offer you personalized support throughout your journey at Espace local. Our dedicated team is here to help you showcase your work and maximize your success.

  • Engaged Community: Join a vibrant community of passionate artisans and enthusiastic customers. Exchange ideas, share experiences and be part of a mutual support network.

At Espace Local, we firmly believe in the diversity of partnership options for Quebec artisans, in order to meet their specific needs and promote their success. We offer four collaboration modalities, each designed to give artisans the flexibility and support they need to thrive in a dynamic market.

 The different options

  1. Purchase of inventory:

   This option allows artisans to sell their products directly to Espace Local by purchasing a selection of their inventory. This partnership provides a quick and transparent solution for creators who prefer a more traditional approach to wholesale.

  1. Local supplier with on-demand ordering:

   For artisans residing within a radius of 15 to 20 km from our warehouse located at 8170, rue Agnès, Laval (QC) H7A 1K4, we offer a preferred partnership option. These artisans can supply their products on demand, which reduces storage costs and minimizes inventory management risks. This approach also promotes a close relationship between Espace Local and local artisans, thus strengthening community ties.

  1. Consignment:

   The consignment option offers artisans the opportunity to showcase their products in our store without having to invest in upfront inventory. Creators benefit from competitive compensation while retaining ownership of their products until they are sold. This option is particularly suitable for new craftsmen looking to make themselves known in the market.

  1. Dropshipping:

For artisans who prefer to focus on creation rather than logistics, our dropshipping option offers a practical and efficient solution. When an order is placed, the craftsman is responsible for shipping the product directly to the customer, while Espace Local covers the shipping costs. This option allows artisans to maximize their sales without having to manage logistics infrastructure, while maintaining full control over the shipping of their products.

If you are ready to share your passion for artisanal creation and be part of a dynamic community of talented artisans, do not hesitate to submit your application to become an artisan at Espace local. Together, let's continue to celebrate the excellence of local products and support our Quebec artisans.

Complete our application form to let us know your interest in becoming an artisan partner at Espace local. Describe your work, your creative process and what makes you unique.


Des artisans d'ici qui rayonnent !
Myriam SoucyPropriétaire de Les Mimipots

"J'ai connu Virginie il y a quelques années déjà et j'ai adoré son énergie, ses conseils pratiques et son positivisme. Espace local est une belle plateforme pour des compagnies comme la mienne. Elle s'implique beaucoup et veut réellement aider les artisans à rayonner."

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