Cocooning love

Carole grew up in a family of entrepreneurs where passion and challenges were experienced every day.

This passion was passed on and motivated her to follow a business launch program. She therefore opened, with a partner, her first business, a store specializing in the sale of longboards and clothing. Already at that time, she was committed to local purchasing and favored Quebec suppliers.

After two years of activity, she had the opportunity to embark on a solo project, that of relaunching a beauty salon in decline. She immediately noticed that the products offered there were very expensive, made with chemical ingredients and presented in containers foreign to the concept of recycling. This direct contact with customers opened his eyes to what is popular. It was at this moment that Cocooning Love began to germinate in his mind.

At the same time, the family business was expanding and she was asked to open a branch in Montreal, which meant leaving Quebec City where she had always resided as well as her environment, her family and her friends. . She decided to take up the challenge and accepted this new responsibility.

The idea of ​​developing eco-responsible and affordable cosmetic products was constantly on his mind. She began working on her project after work and on weekends. She was able to use the experience she acquired within the family business and during various training courses in order to realize her project: founding her company, Cocooning Love.

“I was using natural products, but found the supply was limited and unattractive. At the time, we always found the same smells (patchouli, ylang-ylang, etc.) and I rarely found local products, 100% natural and beautiful, with interesting fragrances. »

27 products

27 products