Confetti Mill

Özge was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. She met her husband, Colin, in 2007 while he was traveling through Europe. It was after moving to Quebec in 2009 that she began to improve her sewing skills. She did this by doing small projects that eventually led to sewing her own wedding dress.

Özge has worked in the production and promotion of visual arts for several years. She always had a soft spot for handmade crafts. She remembers, as a child, traveling with her family to the different regions of Turkey and seeing her parents purchase items made locally by the region's artisans; dolls, stone trinkets, marble sculptures, wooden accessories, porcelain, kilims, rugs and much more!

Throughout their travels to Turkey for vacations and visiting family, Özge and her husband visited less crowded places where they met locals and fell in love with the food and authentic crafts of the places. Through Colin's eyes, Özge rediscovered the artisanal traditions of his country while he admired these objects that he could not imagine finding in Canada. At first, they bought these items for their own happiness, but, over time, they understood the quality behind them and this led them to be even more critical in their selections. That's why our kitchen accessories are made from linen, a natural, strong, heat-resistant fiber that only gets softer and better with time! Flax production also contributes to renewable agriculture as it requires few fertilizers and pesticides.

This is how confetti mill was born, with a simple suitcase. Özge bringing back objects in small quantities to give to family and friends. Slowly, the demand grew and she understood that Turkish artisans and manufacturers unfortunately did not promote their products as they were too busy with their production. And sometimes it was just that they didn't know the real value of their creations! For her, it is a way to support the local economy of her country of origin, which is in danger in certain regions due to modernization and overconsumption, in life and health.

Today, you can find Confetti Mill's creations in over a dozen stores across Canada. And Özge ensures that each piece is of the same quality that she had noticed during her travels.

Confetti Mill Workshop is a proposal on how we lead our lives and what we consume. Festive and pure, the brand highlights the beauty of handmade objects, the importance of encouraging local economies and the strength of slow design.

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