Read the ingredient list on the back of your favorite cleaning product bottle (if it's there!). Chances are the first ingredient is water. If yes, it is the main ingredient in the formulation.

Most household products contain almost 95% water. We can therefore think that the cleaning product only accounts for 5%. Amazing! This means that you mainly buy water and a plastic bottle.

And when you finish the bottle, you put it in the trash and it continues on its way to the oceans, along with the 700 million other bottles thrown away by Canadians each year. The bottle then breaks down into small particles which are then found in nature, in our water, in our food.

At filo , they decided to solve the problem at the source. they produce and market products without water and without the use of plastic. They therefore concentrate household products in a tablet the size of a quarter. Once dissolved in water, this tablet transforms into a conventional cleaning product.

It is therefore…
300 times lighter,
200 times smaller,
its production consumes 1000 times less energy.

In addition, they use materials that are healthy for human health and the planet!

7 products

7 products