SOJA&CO . offers unique and original fragrances while putting respect for the environment and high-quality ingredients at the forefront.
Our artisanal candles are handmade in Montreal with 100% natural soy wax.

All SOJA&CO candles. are designed, manufactured and shipped from Montreal. Our mission is to create a wide variety of high-quality products for the home (and the mind!) at affordable prices, while encouraging local artisans. That's why candles are made by hand, with passion – every day, right here in Canada.

Laurence Gaudreau-Pépin is the founder of SOJA&CO. and owns restaurants, full-time. A lover of marketing and brands, she wants to have her own creative project and has a very clear vision – to become THE destination in Quebec for the making and purchasing of artisanal candles both in terms of the variety of fragrances available and the quality of the products offered. . Having the environment and the economy of Quebec at heart, she partners with her best friend Geneviève who supports her in logistics and preparation of packages.

Each fragrance is imagined and developed by the SOJA&CO team. and highlights the quality of the oils used to make the candles.

Laurence wants to use only high quality ingredients for her products – 100% natural soy wax (paraffin and phthalate free), cotton wick, vegan fragrance oils, essential oils, amber glass jars as well as all elements relating to marketing.

THANK YOU for encouraging the local economy of Quebec! #SOJACO

4 products

4 products