The route of local artisans

Welcome to The Route of Local Artisans ! Explore our platform dedicated to discovering local artisans across each administrative region. Whether you are passionate about traditional crafts, looking for unique pieces or simply curious to discover the talent of our local artisans, you are in the right place.

Immerse yourself in an immersive experience where each administrative region is an open door to a world of authentic craftsmanship. Browse our categories to discover a diversity of talented artisans, from potters and cabinetmakers to jewelers and gourmet food makers.

Our carefully selected partners share our commitment to promoting local artisanal know-how and creating local souvenirs. Together, we offer you an enriching experience, combining quality, authenticity and proximity.

Embark now on this unique adventure and let yourself be inspired by the talent and creativity of our local artisans.

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