Hotel partners

At Espace local, we pride ourselves on being the trusted specialists when it comes to hotel gift shop management. With our extensive experience and deep domain expertise, we offer a comprehensive and innovative solution to create memorable experiences for your customers.
Established for several years on the web with our online store, we have been able to conquer the hearts of travelers around the world. Our commitment to promoting premium local products has allowed us to become a benchmark for authentic and iconic souvenirs.
With the rise of the digital age, we have evolved to meet the new expectations of the hospitality industry. We are convinced that the future lies in a 2.0 experience, combining a physical store and an online presence. That's why we provide our expertise for the benefit of partner hotels, to deliver an unrivaled gift shop experience, whether in person or online.
Our dedicated team works closely with each establishment to understand their specific needs, local culture and unique identity. We then put together a range of products carefully selected to reflect the very essence of the destination and the satisfaction of your customers.
With Espace local as a collaborator, you can be assured of providing your customers with a gift shop worthy of their exceptional trip. Our goal is to create a total immersion in local culture and charm, providing memories that evoke positive and lasting emotions.
Our personalized approach allows us to adapt to different scales of hotels, whether luxury establishments, charming boutique hotels or large international chains. Our 2.0 presence, combining our physical store and our online platform, ensures a smooth and consistent experience for your customers, wherever they are.
Opt for Espace local, your partner in souvenir shop management, and offer your customers an experience that is both authentic and modern. Together, let's create memories that will last forever and strengthen your reputation as an exceptional hotel.
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