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Concrete | Empty pocket


Discover our large concrete storage compartment, a must-have for elegantly organizing your small everyday objects. Each piece is completely handmade, from the design of the silicone mold to the finished concrete product. We have subtly added our logo to the center of the pocket, showing our pride in this artisanal creation.

This versatile pocket organizer offers many practical uses:

- For your jewelry, providing a safe and stylish space to store your rings, bracelets, and necklaces.
- For your glasses, keeping them close at hand when you need them.
- For your keys, thus avoiding losing them in your home.
- For your cosmetics, creating an organized corner in your bathroom.
- For sage and palo santo, allowing you to keep them close to you during your spiritual rituals.
- For your semi-precious stones, highlighting them while keeping them tidy.

Advantages and characteristics of our concrete storage compartment:

- Aesthetically impeccable
- Exceptional durability: Concrete is a material known for its robustness, our pocket tray can last up to 100 years, ensuring long-lasting use.
- High quality standard: Each pocket tray is made according to our exclusive recipe, guaranteeing a constant level of quality for all our products.
- Long-lasting colors: We use quality pigments that color the concrete itself, preventing any flaking or fading over time.
- Premium materials: Our concrete recipe includes high-quality ingredients, including our ultimate secret, "mimi-eau", to create durable and strong storage compartments.


Length 23.5cm
Width 11cm
Weight 0.85kg