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Reed diffuser | Eucalyptus + grapefruit

Reed diffuser | Eucalyptus + Grapefruit
A sweet and subtle smell in the house for several months. Seven o'clock and already outside, barefoot on the balcony, to welcome spring. When inhaled, the soothing freshness of eucalyptus and the energy of grapefruit enliven the senses. On exhalation, a feeling of clarity which awakens and reassures. A purifying combination to gently emerge from winter.

Complete set: (1) 105ml reed diffuser + (6) sticks

Remove the bottle cap & insert the six (6) sticks ( one at a time ) into the container so that they soak up the fragrance.

Place in a small to medium room.

For best results, reverse the poles in the opposite direction in height once a week.

Replace the reed sticks once a month as needed.
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