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Spearmint | Solid shampoo

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Normal hair
Green mint
± 85g

Very gentle solid shampoo for normal hair. If your scalp isn't dry and your roots don't get greasy quickly, this shampoo is for you!

Thanks to its natural ingredients, including plant powders, Ayurvedic powders, provitamin B5 and phytokeratin, it thickens and strengthens the hair shaft in addition to leaving it volumized, silky, shiny and free of free dandruff.

Duration: Between 80 to 100 uses depending on length, thickness and drying method, which corresponds to 3 or 4 months of use.

Ingredients: SCI, ghassoul clay, coconut betaine, neem*, nettle*, jojoba oil*, sodium lactate, spearmint HE, provitamin B5, phytokeratin, castor oil*, spirulina*, preservative approved by Ecocert.

*Organic ingredient

Directions: Rub the shampoo into wet hair in strokes from the roots to the ends (as if you were brushing your hair) then massage the scalp with your hands. Only a small amount is needed to lather well! Leave it on for a few minutes to benefit from the properties. Rinse and repeat. Use our solid conditioner as needed.

NB The appearance of the shampoos may vary depending on the batch.

For external use only. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.