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Soy wax pellets | Amber tangerine


The warm Ambre tangerine fragrance diffuses a subtle blend of sweet amber and the delicate freshness of tangerine. The soothing notes of amber blend gracefully with the sweet, lemony scent of tangerine, creating a comforting atmosphere that evokes both enveloping softness and invigorating lightness.

10 hours of use per cube.

6 tablets: 74 ml

To perfume your environment with a sweet scent: place a cube on the plate, light the lantern and place it inside the diffuser. When the wax no longer smells (around 10 hours), gently scrape the small plate with a knife to dispose of it and start fresh with a new scented cube.

The pellets are made of 100% natural and environmentally friendly wax. It does not emit any soot when heated. It does not contain any toxic or chemical agents.

Always stay at home when the lantern is lit and leave it out of the reach of children or animals.

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