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Micellar | Damask rose

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To clean and remove makeup, even waterproof makeup. This micellar will leave your skin soft, hydrated and clean. The micelles dissolve and eliminate impurities from the skin while respecting its natural hydrolipidic film. Enriched with brown Kombu algae extract, this anti-aging active ingredient stimulates the production of fibroblasts and promotes collagen synthesis.

Format | 120ml

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    Benefits of ingredients

    Micelles (Small capsules contained in micellar water)
    Cleans and removes makeup to perfection
    Dissolve and eliminate impurities
    Respect the natural hydrolipic film of the skin

    Rose water
    Deeply cleanses and moisturizes
    Helps reduce wrinkles
    Revitalizes and smoothes the skin
    Brightens the complexion

    Brown Kombu Seaweed Extract
    Has anti-aging properties
    Stimulates the production of fibroblasts
    Promotes collagen synthesis


    Soak a cotton pad with micellar water. Apply gently to face, eyes and lips. Wipe gently without rubbing. Repeat the operation until you obtain clean cotton. Do not rinse.


    Rosa damascena flower water, vegetable glycerin, aqua, sodium PCA, sucrose laurate, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, sucrose dilaurate, sucrose trilaurate, biosaccharide gum-1, glyceryl caprylate, sodium levulinate, sodium anisate, laminaria digitata