Shaving soap | Vetiver grapefruit & bay leaf

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Nu Natural Soaps x Noctem Artisans Brasseurs

Beard shampoo inspired by the herbal notes of Herbosophie beer.

This beard shampoo deeply cleanses the hair and hydrates the facial skin. Its creamy foam allows it to also be used for shaving. More fragile than hair, beard hair needs appropriate treatment rich in hydration to avoid becoming rough or brittle. Also soothing dry skin under the beard as well as irritation caused by shaving, this soap creates a feeling of freshness and restores luster to the hairs!

A treatment to adopt to keep your beard clean and healthy!

Fragrance: grapefruit, bay leaf, sandalwood and vetiver

Why beer soaps?
Beer is an ingredient of choice in the creation of soaps; The combination of sugars, yeasts and hops gives the soap antibacterial power and a generous, creamy foam. Plus, the nutrients in beer will make your skin even softer!

  • 100gr