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Soft, natural and designed for all hair types. Our shampoo cleans by producing a thick, fragrant foam; a real pleasure for the senses! Its strengthening active ingredients give body and softness to the hair. A difference that is felt from the first use.

Rather than a generic shampoo with aggressive and synthetic ingredients, opt for a high-end treatment based on natural ingredients and active ingredients.

To our base of derivatives of coconut and sugar cane we added rice protein extracts , which are your hair's natural allies. They act at the microscopic level - on the scales of the hair - to give it volume, shine and softness.

To take care of your scalp, we have integrated a fine clay with purifying action, as well as extracts of jojoba and aloe for their moisturizing effect.

It is a concentrated gel, intuitive to use. A small amount will be enough to achieve the desired effects.

Fresh and invigorating aromas of citrus zest and garden herbs.

No SLS, silicones, parabens or quaternary ammoniums (quats).

Use: Lather on wet hair. Massage for a few moments, then rinse.

Volume: 240 ml / 8.1 fl. oz.
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