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Scrunchie holder

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Given the high demand and the lack of supply on the market, we decided to create it! It's a 2 in 1, it works to put your favorites and even your paper towel roll.


Solid and innovative, a “must” to have as much for utility as for style.

The stick is made of hardwood and the wood colors can vary from light brown to darker brown. The stick makes


Our concrete base is solid and heavy with a wooden stick that brings a modern and clean design.

We all have too much hair and we misplace it all over the house.

*These are unique pieces made with love, so colors may vary a little from the photos, as well as the color of the wood which may vary a little from the photos.


Concrete base:

Length 14cm
Height 2cm

weight 0.4 kg


Wooden stick:

1 inch in diameter

Height approximately 9 inches.